The biggest problem I found with my T981 was with the rangefinder. The problem being, what I would call, backlash. That is, focusing on a subject while turning the focus ring in one direction would result in a different focus to that achieved if the focus ring was turned in the opposite direction.

The second problem was the difficulty in adjusting the rangefinder alignment. The problem being that the top cover has to be removed to get at the vertical adjustment but the alignment always moved when the cover was refitted making it near impossible to accurately adjust the vertical alignment. Adjusting the horizontal alignment can be done by removing the small slotted screw in the back of the top cover but the alignment of the hole with the adjustment screw isn't good and it is difficult to make a fine adjustment.

The third problem was the difficulty in seeing the metering LEDs in bright conditions.

I made modifications to the camera which successfully overcame the first two problems. I also made some changes to improve the third but it's not a complete solution.

The three are dealt with separately on the following pages.

Removing the backlash

Rangefinder modifications

Adjusting the LED brightness

I made a few other cosmetic modifications just to please myself. They are detailed on the following page.

Other modifications

I also made some other minor changes.

I replaced a couple of electrical parts that had nickel plated contacts with equivalent parts from a Yashica that were gold plated and I fitted a spring washer behind the self timer lever to take up some slack (before I removed it completely).

And you will have noticed I changed the leather.

Possible future modifications: Moving the LEDs to a location outside the image area or even out of the viewfinder altogether (as in a Bessa L or a Bessa T) and getting rid of the offset rewind crank.